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High Protein food for happy pets

"Your Pet's Nutritional Specialist"

Tasty meal in broth to maintain hydration.
Simple to follow feeding plans.
Quality meeting association of AAFGO standards.
Daily supplement for overall well-being.
High protein for pet's growth and development.
100% complete & balanced diet for your pet's needs 
Signature 7 - Swiss-quality cat food

What is Signature7? 

Signature7 specializes in providing your pets with the best nutritional needs they require daily, 7 days a week with an easy-to-follow weekly meal plan.

We offer a range of tantalizing flavors that include the perfect combination of quality protein like chicken, mackerel, White meat tuna, shrimp, pumpkin, and many more. We formulate a wide range of flavors in our weekly meal plan to ensure your pets get a 100% complete and balanced diet daily with variety.

For almost a decade, our team has been crafting and perfecting new recipes for pets. We commit to maintaining the highest standards in quality, nutrition, and food safety because we care for your pets. We want to make sure they get the best they need.


Signature7 has always ensured the highest standards of quality in our ingredients. Additionally, we have also made sure that we maintain strict standards in our production and quality control.

Let us have a look at the uniqueness of our premium quality cat food.

  • Our cat food is rich in quality protein and have the right ratio of protein. This satisfy your cats craving for meat, while maintaining their overall health.

  • Our cat food is antioxidant rich with vitamins E and C, along with essential vitamins like A, B and D. It also contains minerals such as Zinc, Phosphorous, Calcium and Taurine for supporting your cat’s immune system.

  • We feed REAL MEAT to your cats and has one of the highest real meat ratios in our recipes. We know that cats are carnivores and need meat in their daily diet.

  • All our cat food is formulated to meet the full nutritional requirements for your cat’s meal for a 100% complete and balanced diet. Many other products out there DO NOT meet the nutritional values and can only be considered a snack or a treat.

  • Our premium quality cat food has the right amount of healthy fats that is essential to providing energy and maintaining healthy skin.

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